5 favorite songs|The Rolling Stones → asked by miraculous and anon
02|Before They Make Me Run

Uh to no one’s surprise, probably, most of my favorite Stones songs are Keith Richards songs! This one was written/recorded for Some Girls while he was awaiting trial for heroin possession in Canada and facing up to seven years in prison, a permanent ban on traveling in North America, and possibly even his ouster from the Stones. You might expect it to be a little bit contrite or apologetic. Um, yeah, not so much.

My favorite thing, though, is that it’s become one of his concert staples (and not just with the Stones! It was a key part of the setlist for his two side-groups, the X-Pensive Winos and the New Barbarians too) and only gets more hard-charging and defiant the older he gets. What in 1978 was edging close to Chuck Berry-flavored reggae just keeps getting louder and meaner, with Keith holding that driving rhythm and letting Ron Wood’s lead guitar dance all over the place.  (FOR A GOOD TIME WATCH this sloppy filthy live version from 1989 OR this kind of lazy mellow joyous one with the Winos in ‘93 when he totally fucked the opening and then couldn’t stop grinning about it)

LOL SO MANY WORDS. In conclusion: ♥________♥