“During the promotion of my album Stripped, I got tired of being a skinny, white girl. I am Ecuadorian but people felt so safe passing me off as a skinny, blue-eyed white girl. So the next time my label saw me…I was heavier, darker and full of piercings! [laughter] Let me tell you, that wasn’t an easy pill for them to swallow. I had gained about 15 pounds during promotion and during my Stripped tour with Justin, they called this serious emergency meeting about how there was a lot of backlash about my weight…basically they told me I would effect a lot of people if I gained weight. The production, musical directors people I toured with would ALSO miss out if I gained weight because I would sell no records or tickets for my shows. I was young, so I lost the weight quickly and was toothpick thin during Back to Basics promos and touring. So I told them during this Lotus recording ‘you are working with a fat girl, know it now and get over it’. They need a reminder sometimes that I don’t BELONG to them, it’s my body. My body can’t put anyone in jeopardy of not making money anymore - My body is just not on the table that way anymore. I am 31, my boobs are Max’s and my pussy is mine…Sorry.”
— Christina Aguilera, 2012 Billboard Cover Story (via corcordium)

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