Dear Tumblr

This is the number for Ohio Governor John Kasich’s office:


He is literally the only chance we have left of getting the anti-choice, anti-women amendments removed from the Ohio budget. If he doesn’t exercise his line-item veto to remove them:

  • Planned Parenthood loses its funding
  • rape crisis centers lose their funding
  • their funding is instead diverted to right-wing “crisis pregnancy centers” which bully pregnant persons into carrying unwanted pregnancies to term
  • abortion providers cannot transfer patients to public hospitals
  • people with the ability to get pregnant must have ultrasounds and a 24 hour waiting period before getting certain kinds of birth control like emergency contraception
  • pregnant persons must undergo (and pay for!!!) external ultrasounds to force them to “be informed of” the fetal heartbeat and the viability of the fetus before they can obtain an abortion
  • pregnancy is officially redefined as beginning at fertilization, which means that simply taking a morning-after pill could be considered an abortion requiring an ultrasound and ~counseling~

It’s … I don’t know what else to do. This isn’t like Texas. There’s no chance to stop it in the legislature. The budget bill is on his desk. We aren’t facing great odds here. He’s an ultraconservative who has indicated his satisfaction with these kinds of proposals in the past.

But if you could call and tell him that not vetoing these amendments is unacceptable, I and a lot of women here would appreciate it. 

(You can tweet him at @johnkasich with #veto4women too, or email him here courtesy of Planned Parenthood)