1st Aug 2011


What I’ve read about the debt ceiling in the last 24 hours:

Early rundown of the deal

NYT hates the deal

WSJ loves the deal (note even they use language that acknowledges it as a hostage situation.)

Daily Kos defends the deal

Daily Kos hates the deal

Paul Krugman really really hates the deal

Mother Jones also doesn’t like the deal

The deal shows how the whole system is screwed

The deal shows how Obama has moved to the right

The deal really really shows how Obama has moved to the right

That’s not true, Obama just had no choice here

Ezra Klein Ezra Klein Ezra Klein

Eugene Robinson

Zerlina Maxwell’s twitter

Robert Reich’s twitter

My conclusion:

Which take do you agree with? What else should I be reading?

I’m in total information overload at this point but the links above have been helpful. What it seems to boil down to is that we’re all getting fucked (except the super rich!) but it won’t really hurt until 2013.

What I hope will be helpful in the long run is to get involved in local political orgs and volunteer to help support candidates who are in play for the elections next year. Set a Google alert for my local reps and parties and make a Twitter list of accounts like @thehill to keep an eye on what my elected officials are doing on a daily or weekly basis. Keep the pressure on senators and congresspeople who aren’t voting the way I want with letters, emails, calls, comments (even if it means logging in to Facebook), and mentions. Start praising the ones who are. 

One of the VPs at my company recently retired early so he could go full-time into community organizing where he lives. I, on the other hand, just upped my cursing quotient. Since I first registered to vote, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time getting angry and frustragey. Now it’s finally time to contribute.

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    I haven’t even read any of this I’m just reblogging it because it made me laugh.
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    I’m in total information overload at this point but the links above have been helpful. What it seems to boil down to is...
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    #once you have allowed the republicans to re-frame the debate into an issue of where to cut spending you have lost and...
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    well, america, it was a great run.
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